PhD Сourse

How to conduct a scientific interview

Nieke Elbers

Target group:
All PhD students, junior researcher and (junior) lecturer-researchers

4 EC

1 May – 26 June 2024

Send an email to the course coordinator Nieke Elbers or for more information and to enroll.

Course Description:

Are you eager to enhance your qualitative research skills? The Scientific Interview Course is designed to equip you with the essential tools to excel in your qualitative research journey. You’ll gain invaluable insights into setting up, conducting, analyzing, and reporting interviews.

Throughout the course, you’ll explore topics such how to structure your interview, asking the right questions, research ethics and data management. We will discuss what to consider when interviewing different types of respondents, such as professionals and respondents with a criminal history. We will explore different qualitative methods: focus groups, participatory action research (PAR) and ethnographic research. Additionally, you’ll acquire advanced interview techniques: listening, summarizing, and non-verbal techniques. Our course also covers the use of software Atas.ti for data analysis, as well as using AI for transcribing. We will teach you different analysis methods and talk about the reproducibility.

This comprehensive course spans eight sessions, taught on Wednesday afternoon at the VU University, starting 1 May 2024- 26 June 2024. Each session lasts 3.5 hours, and is taught in English. You will get 4 ECTS for active participation. The course will be facilitated by guest speakers from the NSCR and VU who are experts in the art of interviewing. The maximum number of participants is 20.