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Find answers to the most frequent questions we receive

Is the ELS Academy only for PhD students?

No, while our community consists mostly of young scholars, the ELS Academy organizes events and workshops for anybody who is interested in doing empirical legal research and eager to learn. it does not matter whether you are a PhD student or a full professor.

Is participation in events and workshops of the ELS Academy free of charge?

Yes, the ELS Academy is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. We therefore find it important to offer research training that is free of charge. We do ask you register for events and workshops.

I am not employed at one of the partner universities. Can I still participate in events and courses?

Staff from all universities in the Netherlands are welcome to participate in the ELS Academy. An exception are the graduate school courses for PhD because only few spots are available.

I did not attend the kick-off event for the new PhD cohort. Can I still join the cohort?

Absolutely. You are very much welcome. Please reach out to our PhD representative, Anne Brekoo.