PhD Course

Qualitative Empirical Research Methods in Law

Course Description: This introductory course aims to provide PhD-candidates with an understanding of the purpose and appropriate use of the major qualitative research methods in legal research. It will help participants to identify research methods that are suitable for their concrete research questions.
Although qualitative research methods are often identified with the social sciences more generally than with the discipline of law in particular, also lawyers and legal scholars do make use of qualitative research methods. Examples of this type of research are studies that examine people’s perception of law and justice, the interactions between different courts, effects of gender, or legal aid and access to justice. This introductory course will discuss different qualitative methods such as focus groups, interviews, case study analysis and participant observation. Teachers: Dr.Danielle Chevalier, Dr. Katrien Klep, Prof. Janine Ubink, MA Judith van Uden.

Prior Requirements: Being a PhD candidate

Max External Participants: 5

Course Coordinator: Judith van Uden