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A court file study is a way of collecting data through a textual analysis of court files. Although a court file study can be both a time-consuming and labour-intensive method, it can be of added value to your research because of the contextual information court files can hold. For example, court files can contain evidence supporting a certain claim, records of a court hearing, or correspondence to and from a judge or court clerk. As part of her PhD, Roos Nieuwboer has executed a large-scale court file study, focusing on guardianship court files in the Netherlands. During her presentation, she will discuss the process of gaining access to court files, developing a scoring form, collecting the data, and the data analysis. Roos will also provide some helpful tips and tricks to optimize your scoring form and minimize mistakes.

About the speaker: Roos Nieuwboer is a PhD candidate at the Private Law department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The meeting will be online. After the presentation, there’s time for a Q&A and discussion. You are cordially invited to join. If you would like to attend this meeting, please send an email to Anniek van der Schuijt, E:, on 2 June at the latest. She will send you the Teams link to join the online meeting. If you are interested but not available, please let Anniek know and a recording of the lecture can be sent to you afterward.


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