PhD Courses

ELS Atelier

Course Description: The ELS Atelier is a course that is open to all staff who are interested in the fascinating world of empirical law: those who would like to conduct empirical legal research themselves, PhD supervisors who want to improve supervision of a thesis that is based (partly) on empirical research, and lecturers who want to incorporate empirical evidence and skills in their courses. By participating in the ELS Atelier you will learn about each step in the empirical cycle from a lecturer who is an expert in the field of the method you have chosen. We offer separate trajectories for qualitative methods (interviews) and quantitative methods (survey and experiment). We also distinguish between a passive skills track (lectures only) and an active skills track (lectures and workshops, weekly consultation hour, buddy system, and homework assignments).

Prior Requirements: No prior knowledge required, but for the active skills track participants are required to have an initial idea for an empirical legal study they want to work on during the course

Max External Participants: 10

Course Coordinator: Dr. Helen Pluut and dr. Jessie Pool