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Practical information

On April 20th, an ERI seminar was given by Charlotte Mol and Anne-Jetske Schaap about text analysis. During this seminar, two Utrecht methods concerning (qualitative) case law analysis were explained and compared.

Separately, and unbeknownst to each other, two Utrecht PhDs developed their own methods for systematic case law analysis. Both defended their dissertation cum laude at the start of this year and shared their methods with all those interested in case law analysis. Anne-Jetske Schaap conducted research on the application of the Drijfmest framework in Dutch case law for the establishment of the actus reus of a legal person. Charlotte Mol researched the child’s right to participate in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. Beyond explaining their methods, both researchers compared their methods and reflected upon the possible applications in other areas of legal research. They discussed whether these methods of (qualitative) case law analysis should become the golden standard for all legal researchers. Additionally, practical tips and tricks relevant to future research(ers) will be provided.