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The purpose of this lunch meeting is to provide you with an introduction of the VU Behavioral lab and its facilities. In the past 1.5 years the VU has been in the process of setting up a VU Behavioral Lab, with the main goal of integrating, professionalizing, and expanding VU facilities for behavioral experimental research, in order to stimulate research and collaborations, and to improve visibility.

Three different trajectories will be developed:

1) a VBL portal: a website which brings together all information (labs, experts, facilities) regarding behavioral research at the VU to grow a network and improve visibility;

2) set up of a VU student pool including a more efficient way to pay VU students for participating in studies;

3) a physical lab, where researchers from faculties without (or not enough) lab space can have access to labs/facilities.

During this meeting Femke van Horen will introduce to you the available facilities, the services VBL can provide to researchers, the financial structure, and how we can make VBL sustainable. Especially since using recruitment platforms such as Prolific/Mturk is much more expensive but the data quality often low, making use of a well-equipped physical lab can be very advantageous.

The meeting will be online. After the presentation there’s time for a Q&A and discussion. You are cordially invited to join.

If you would like to attend this meeting, please send an email to Anniek van der Schuijt, E: j.m.vander.schuijt@vu.nl, on 3 September at the latest. She will send you the Teams link to join the online meeting. If you are interested but not available, please let Anniek know and a recording of the lecture can be sent to you afterwards.

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