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We are excited to invite you to our next hybrid ELS lunch meeting on Legal Network Analysis which will be held on 3 April between 12-13 in room 2A 45-47 in the Inititum building. Lunch will be available. If you want to join in person, please send an email to anja.eleveld@vu.nl before 31 March. During this presentation, we will explore the theory behind LNA and demonstrate how it can be used to analyze the precedent value of judgments and detect landmark cases.

LNA is a rapidly developing field that offers new and exciting opportunities for legal research. By analyzing legal documents as networks, LNA can provide insights into the relationships between legal concepts, judges, and courts.

During this presentation, a software tool that will be showcased that has been specifically designed for legal researchers and law students. The software focuses on Dutch law for now, but European case law (CJEU, ECHR) will be added in the near future. With this software, users can explore Dutch case law and identify connections between cases, judges, and legal concepts.

We will demonstrate how the software allows users to perform detailed analysis of the network structure of legal cases and visualize these relationships. Additionally, we will show how the software can be used to analyze the precedent value of judgments and detect landmark cases.

LNA and this software tool has the potential to revolutionize the way legal research is conducted. We hope that this presentation will provide you with a better understanding of LNA and inspire you to explore its applications further.

The presentation will be conducted by Gijs van Dijck (Maastricht University). Gijs integrates legal, empirical, and computational analysis in order to improve the description, application, understanding, and evaluation of the law. He has taught courses on tort law, contract law, property law, empirical legal research, and computational legal research. Gijs has published in top journals including the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies and the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. He has been a speaker at various conferences, including ones at Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Duke and Cornell.  Gijs is Professor of Private Law, director of the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab, Principal Investigator at Brightlands Institute for Smart Society (BISS), and researcher at M-EPLI.

For those who want to join online, see Teams link:

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Meeting ID: 322 588 130 95Passcode: jiQHp9

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We hope to see many of you!

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