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How can consumer interests be protected when consumer identities are increasingly diffuse? In this ‘Work in progress’ session, the ConsumerID team unpacks their ideas to deconstruct through empirical methods the one-size-fits-all consumer notion and reconstruct consumer law in the light of differentiated consumer identities.

The complexities of modern consumer markets – influenced by digitalisation, platformisation, and sustainability – are triggers for a re-evaluation of the current legal framework for consumer protection. Consumers face new vulnerabilities, opportunities, and responsibilities. The ConsumerID project will explore them through empirical studies. What drives consumers as societal actors? What makes them vulnerable in the digital world? What can truly empower them as market actors in platforms? The focus of this session will be on three ideal types of consumers: the digital consumer who is targeted by profiling, the prosumer who sells goods via platforms, and the consumer-citizen who makes sustainable choices.

The meeting will be hybrid (offline in room B1.M07, online on Teams).

For questions or signing up, please contact Anna D’Agostino (a.dagostino@law.leidenuniv.nl).

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