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ELS @Leiden would like to invite you for our upcoming lab meeting: a Journal Club! This Journal Club is part of our compliance themed cycle of ELS lab meetings. Journal Clubs are sessions in which we discuss empirical legal articles, focusing on the methodology used in the paper and the lessons that can be learned.

Auditing is a common way of evaluating an organization’s compliance to laws, norms or codes of behavior, and is especially used in the private sector by companies. During this Journal Club, we will discuss the use of audits to assess compliance with norms, drawing conclusions from the context of corporate transnational audits in global supply chains. Phillip Paiement (Tilburg University) will present his critical approach on transnational audits, on the basis of his recent paper “Transnational auditors, local workplaces and the law”.

We will discuss the following paper: Phillip Paiement (2021) Transnational auditors, local workplaces and the law, Transnational Legal Theory, 12:3, 390-414 https://doi.org/10.1080/20414005.2021.2008763.

Please register via the following this form. The lab meeting is hybrid (KOG C0.22 and online). You can read more on the Journal Club here. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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