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Journal Clubs are sessions in which we discuss empirical legal articles, focusing on the methodology used in the paper and the lessons that can be learned.

In this Journal Club, Helen Pluut will discuss a recently published paper that she co-authored. This study conducted daily online surveys among 113 Chinese couples for a period of 2 weeks, to test an interpersonal model of work-family spillover. Collecting data twice a day allowed the researchers to test how social stressors at work interact with marital behaviors at home. Helen will give a presentation of the paper’s method and provide insight on the benefits and challenges of daily surveys. The podcast “Taking it out on your partner” (available on Spotify) discusses the outcomes of the study and its relevance for society – a great example of outreach for ELS!

We will discuss the following paper: Pluut, H., Ilies, R., Su, R., Weng, Q., & Liang, A. X. (2021), How social stressors at work influence marital behaviors at home: an interpersonal model of work-family spillover. Journal Of Occupational Health Psychology, 27(1).

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