People at Empirical Legal Studies Academy

Meet our dedicated scholars who scrutinise the real-world effects of legal rules, the functioning of legal institutions, and the behavior of legal actors. Drawing on a range of disciplines, from sociology and psychology to economics and data science, these researchers strive to unveil the intricate relationships between law and society.

Kees van den Bos

Professor of Social Psychology and Empirical Legal Science

Conflicts in Society

Julia Krämer

PhD candidate

Empirical Legal Studies & Data Protection

Vivian van der Kuil

PhD researcher

Maritime Law

Cybele Atme

PhD candidate

Law, Society & Crime

Kimia Heidary

PhD candidate

Private Law & Business

Aylin Aydin-Cakir

Researcher at Erasmus Center of Empirical Legal Studies

ELS, Courts & Constitutions

Isabella Regan

PhD researcher

International Criminal Justice

Rowie Stolk


Constitutional & Administrative Law

Gitta Veldt

Assistant Professor

Private & Civil Law

Niek Strohmaier

Assistant Professor

Law & Finance

Sarah Vandenbroucke

PhD candidate

Business & Human Rights

Jessie Pool

Assistant Professor of Company and Insolvency Law

Company & Insolvency Law

Eve Ernst

PhD Candidate

Environmental Economics

Marin Coerts

PhD Candidate

Constitutional & Administrative Law

Isabella Leroy

PhD Candidate

Migration & Refugee Law

Loran Kostense

PhD Candidate

Family Law